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These new pages are very silent
The original script had text but
it did not make much sense paired
with the panels, you're supposed
to see everything you need to know
in Dani's face and movements so I
really want you all to pay attention
to what is going on within the pages.

I thought about it alot more and
decided that chapter 4 will be
updated in two parts. Course the
site and artwork will be updated

Been working on merchandise as quick
as I can. So far i've completed a
new Dani t-shirt/poster design that
resembles the original.

-Chapter 3pg29
-Chapter 3pg30
-Added a new Dani
Tshirt design.
-Changed the archive
around a bit.


I've decided to release the pages
differently cause, you know, taking
one year to finish one chapter is
ridiculous so i've decided to release
each chapter, the entire chapter,
bi-monthly, I feel that I can keep
close to this schedule and I think
the story will read better this way

Took forever to do these pages, I was
trying to be careful about how they
would be portrayed.Just a few
more pages to go before chapter 3 ends.

So we did not have a booth at Triad
Pride, the company that was supposed
to do our merchandise never got back
to us on time, in fact they never got
back to us at all after I sent them
the "Yin&Yang" image. I was at the
event at least handing out flyers and
posters. I did get to talk with some
people who run the NCpride event and
found out that it would only cost $60
to secure a booth.This also means that
there will be an online store!

-Chapter 3pg25
-Chapter 3pg26
-Chapter 3pg27
-Chapter 3pg28
-Changed the music
playlist to better
reflect the comic
-Added new videos

So just a little late. I
had no idea it would take
me this long to do 3 pages
plus some other things got
in the way.

For the next update expect
2 new chapter3 pages and a
change in the character

-Chapter 3pg13
-Chapter 3pg14
-Chapter 1pg4redo!
-Added more music!
-New blog!
-Added a Varla Jean

Ok so it looks like we might
be able to stick to our old weekly
schedule so it will be two new pages
every week and a new redone chapter 1
page every two weeks ^.^

Made a new, shorter music playlist
for you to listen to while you're
reading. BtL can now also be seen on
TransAmerica networking site!

Also posted a new blog
it's not a happy one and i'm gonna
go ahead and say that I really
don't care what you think of me
after you read it, I am not here
to be a "clean" role model.

-Chapter 3pg13
-Chapter 3pg14
-Added a new link
-New music playlist!
-New blog!


Some bad news people, Bryce is.
no longer able to work on the
comic =( so i'll be taking over
the rest of the chapter

Hey we've a mention on National
! We are also
now listed on Comixpedia.org!
I was gonna post a blog about
this entire year and all the
horrible shit that went down
but I decided not to, at least
not yet, i'm partly thinking
that it's really noones business.

-Chapter 3pg11
-Chapter 3pg12
-Chapter 1pg3redo


So we are back in good working order!
First We would like to thank Ashley
Heart for donating a scanner, Hurrah!
Second I would like to apologize for
yet another delay cause we were
supposed to update last week but due
to server problems we were unable to

For those who are wondering yes
chapter 2 will get the same treatment
that chapter 1 is currently getting
and hopefully we can get Olivia Loxley
who did the cover, to draw the chapter=P

-Chapter 3pg9
-Chapter 3pg10
-Chapter 2Cover
-New fanart!
-DOR 2008 art!
-New link!


This is something I did not expect
there are so many delays that i'm
almost convinced that it would be
best if I did all the artwork for
the series myself. The only thing
standing in the way is that i'm
back in VA without a scanner for
Bryce's artwork, I hate asking but
we really need help in acquiring
a scanner.

This is a small update but it's
mainly to let you know that yes
we are still alive.

On another note i've decided to
get rid of the newsletter since
noone seems interested and i'm
gonna get rid of the merch section
cause it seems that the demand for
merch was not as serious as I was
led to believe. ~Mekari


Sorry folks, another long wait
but i'm back now with regular
access to a computer!

How do you guys like Bryce's
artwork? I really think he's
getting more comfortable with
it. I'm trying not to make the
color so bold, I think now it's
a better fit for his artwork

I can't tell you guys everything
that happend these last few
months but in brief I was in
Charolettesville VA and for a
few days, before that I was in
Philly where I got in trouble
with the law. C-ville was great
had alot of little adventures
some of which will be in the
comic, also got to see the
Smashing Pumpkins for free.

-Chapter 3pg7
-Chapter 3pg8
-Chapter 1pg1Redone
-Added a merchandise
-"About"section added
-Added Gypsy 83
trailer to the
video playlist
-Know when we update!
Sign up for the

Sorry for the looong wait!
I had a huge misadventure up
in Philly and am now living
in Charlottesville VA where
Bryce and Savvas are currently
located, luckily Bryce did
not send any pages through the
mail so I was able to direct
when I could, the only thing
keeping us from updating on a
regular basis now is a scanner
and regular internet access =/

Also added a merchandise section
to try and raise funds for a
scanner and to afford internet
access so please people if you
like this comic or just love
the artwork then buy some merch
to help keep this wonderful
comic and art thingy going. ~Mekari

-Chapter 3pg3
-Chapter 3pg4
-Chapter 3pg5
-Chapter 3pg6
-Added a merchandise
-New Dani banner!
-New music on the
-Added 4 personal
videos from Ant
featuring Ant,Bryce,
Savvas, Tim/Nicole
and Tina on the
downtown mall in
Cville VA.


-Chapter 3 Cover
-New artist Aubrey
-2 new artworks!
-New music on playlist!
-What not to ask a
transsexual has been
added to the video

Bryce has sent the new pages
but after about 5 days I have
not recieved them. Tomarrow I
am going away for business
and it should take at most 2
weeks, I was hoping to have
an update before hand but thats
not gonna be possible it seems.
I ask all of you to just be a
little more patient.


This is the last page of chapter 2!
HURRAH! Chapter 3:Dani will start in
only a week and it's drawn by our new
artist Bryce! I must warn you though
chapter 3 is not a cheerful chapter
it contains teen drug use and child
abuse, if you're not used to seeing
such things then brace yourself.

We have also reached 50,000 visitors
since last November! Thanks for the
support everyone! ^.^

Dont let them win! All we
have is an inch, don't let
them take that away from us!
BtL Email
Check out Mekari's gallery UPDATE!-05/18/2008

-Chapter 2 pg27
-New Link!
-Chapter 2Q&A added!
-Added a music playlist!
listen to music while
you're here!
-Added Review section!


Come on people we need
you to donate or pay to
have some artwork done
for you, no merch can be
made untill we have sufficiant
money to do so

-Chapter 2 pg24
-Chapter 2 pg25
-We got a REVIEW


Well some really good news! We
have a new artist named Bryce
Go to the Team&Email page and
say hi!

Check out Mekari's gallery

-Chapter 2 pg15
-Chapter 2 pg16
-Chapter 2 pg17
-Team has been updated!
-New fanart!
-Added Fitzwilliam
to the playlist


          -Chapter 2 pg13
          -Chapter 2 pg14
          -Cast page is
        redone with new

          -Interview by
          GoTriad newspaper!
          -A trailer for a
          wonderful new doc
          series "beingT" is
          now on the playlist


          -Chapter 2 pg10
          -Chapter 2 pg11
          -Chapter 2 pg12


          -Chapter 2 pg7
          -Chapter 2 pg8
          -Chapter 2 pg9
          -New banner!
          -New comic link!
          -Interview by
          GoTriad newspaper!
          -A trailer for a
          wonderful new doc
          series "beingT" is
          now on the playlist


You know I was watching Terminator2
yesterday and throughout the whole
thing I kept thinking that Eddie
Furlong at that age would of made
a great Shay! lol

Great news, we might be getting two
new artists who are very very close
to the comic!



We are back with chapter2!
*throws confetti*
Chapter 2 is told from the perspective
of an older Shay as she recounts why
she came to conclusion that she needed
to transition.
Saldy due to real life situations Katt
will not be able to draw this chapter
I am very sorry to those waiting to see
her art but I am still in contact with
her and she will maybe draw a future
chapter when things die down for her,so
it seems that i'll be the artist for
chapter 2 as well. I'm sending another
call out for artists so if you're
interested please send an email ^.^

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by
the San Fransisco Bay Times which turned
out pretty well You can check out the
interview Here



-Chapter 1 pg21
-Chapter 1 pg22
-Chapter 1 pg23
-Chapter 1 pg24
-Chapter 1 pg25
-Chapter 1 Q&A
-Readded Razly's profile!

This is it, the end of the first chapter!
Don't worry though we will be back with chapter 2: Shay
which will be drawn by the very talented Katt after our
short hiatus so in the mean time enjoy the new pages
and say hello to Katt on the "Team&Email" page and
don't forget to respond in our guestbook and forums ^.^


-Chapter 1 pg18
-Chapter 1 pg19
-Chapter 1 pg20

ALERT!! the flash guest book I had signed up for
is no longer free so I had to find a new one but I was
able to salvage most of the comments but not all

Whew!Thanks goodness the holidays are over! Was
it as good for you as it was for me?lol Well not only
did my boyfriend come to see me but I also got the stylus
i've been wanting and it's taking some time to get
used to but I used it to color pages 19 & 20 hope I
did a decent job on it

I've been thinking of making a 3 issue mini-series
directly based off real life based on Savvas's time
in Charlottesville VA,Why? cause if you hang out with
Savvas long enough things that you would not expect
to happen in real life will accure and it can deffiantely
be made into an interesting comic. I'm just not really
sure about it i'd have to be really careful.

We got a really cool write up by this girlOSG We were also
mentioned on SFbaytimes.com


-Chapter 1 pg17
-3 new art pieces added
-New Blog section
-Old News section added
-"Paris is Buring" is now
On the playlist(Mature)
P.S. If your gonna comment
on it then watch all 11

So sorry for the delay but hey what can ya do when real life gets in the way.

Added a blog to the site so all the people invovled
in the production of this comic can post all we want
about the comic, our lives, or the world at large.

Many have read the post about Nicole and i've got
some good news and bad news about her just go to
the Blogand find out.

Also added the complete "Paris is Burning" to the
playlist. Some might not like it but I believe it's important
to show this just make sure you watch all 11 parts/


Yes the look of the site has changed. It was decided that we will use a different
color scheme for each chapter, stupid? maybe but it adds just a little more fun. ^.^

You'll notice that there is now a cover to the first chapter. I did not want to show
what happens in the chapter on the cover I just wanted it to be a kind of immediate
introduction to the two main characters. Yes that is NYC in the background but Byberry
is in Philly, so yeah i'm not saying that the comic does or does not take place in either
of those cities. I take good care to make the city they are in non specific even the
characters refer to the place where they live as just "the city"

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Do not copy, redistribute or similar
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the creator.