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"Is Byberry a real place?"
Why yes it is. Byberry state mental hospital was abandoned around
the late 80s early 90s and quickly became a hangout for kids and
taggers living in and around Philadelphia.Sadly the hospital was
demolished in 2006. More about Byberry

"Does the comic take place in Philadelphia?"
I never say what city the comic takes place in through out the
whole series. I like to think BtL takes places in a kind of
slightly alternate universe from our own. Course if BtL grows
out side of its comic form i'll prolly have to pin down a city.

"Are any of the characters real?"
There are a few composite characters but the only character based
directly off of a real person is SavVas and I figure that it's a
pretty damn good thank you for all hes done for me plus he makes a
great mentor character ^.^

"The rumors that they talk about on pages 18 and 19
are they true?"
I don't know. Prolly not, but they were actual rumors except instead
of a guy with a chainsaw it was a guy with a mechete. Personal stories
about Byberry.

"Why is there not more of Razly in this chapter?"
The situation did not call for it and if she stayed you would not of found
out anything more about her. You will start seeing her alot more in chapter 3.

"Are Savvas and Razly transsexuals?"
Nope Razly was born a girl, she considers herself a gender-queer lesbian.
Savvas is not a transsexual per-se but he really considers himself just
a gay boy but he has a long and complicated past which you'll find out
about later.

"Do you use photos in your backgrounds?"
Yes some are and some are not. I like to juxtapoz the photos with the
cartoony characters and I think that creates a neat effect if you can do it
right and know how and when to use it. I think the worst example of this
is page 7 and the best example being page 8.

"What are the characters ages in this chapter?"
Dani:- 14
Shay:- 14
Nikki:- 19
Savvas:- 24
Razly:- 16

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