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Between the Lines is about two friends, Dani and
Shay, who happen to be transgendered. Neither
have it easy, but they try to be who they are
despite the ostracism from the society around

This comic looks at being transgendered from
a different perspective, one that has not really
been explored at all in any medium except in a
recent book called Transparent by cris Beam
other mediums that have talked about being
transgender are sheepish when it comes to
exploring the darker aspects and pitfalls of
being trans, such as drugs, prostitution, abuse,
pumping parties, and resulting psychological
trauma, etc, things that other trans people need
to know so they can avoid it.

We do claim an agenda to try and get people to
understand transsexualism in at least one
aspect. We do not try and tackle the entire
transgender "community" though we do have other
characters in the comic who are trans in other
ways. We are mainly interested in shining a
human light on a people who are often misunderstood
and to show that no matter how different society
precieves them to be they are actually just like
everyone else, they have their bad and good times,
their wants and desires over what they want out
of their lifes just like anyone else, cause when
it comes down to it the most normal thing in
this world is to be human and all the challenges
that presents.

Between the Lines is a collection of stories made
into a single coherent story with characters that
are most often based on real people and real
situations. We do not make it fluffy. We do not
show silly unrealistic situations. We are only
interested in the truth, and the truth more often
than not hurts, but with truth also comes a humanizing
effect...what we're basically saying is that this
is not a story for kids, this is not a story to
read if you want your funny bone tickled. There
might be profound revalations for you, you will be
offended. Sometimes you'll love the characters
and at other times you'll hate them, we are not
in the business in making perfect characters for
you to look up to but maybe, hopefully you will
relate to them...

Hopefully one day this comic will be on the
bookshelves of psychologists dealing with young
transitioners and discussed between them about
how easy it is to take the wrong road. Hopefully
one day it will be discussed in lectures about TSs.
Hopefully one day this comic will help stop
someone from wanting to hurt a transsexual.

Have more questions about the comic? Then send an email to...
Between the Lines

Between the Lines © M.Potts.
Do not copy, redistribute or similar
without expressed permission from
the creator.