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These are not all strictly transgender terms but they are terms that you might hear within the TG community
Transgender(TG)- An umbrella term used to describe everyone with cross gender behavior
Transition- The process someone undergoes from one gender to another
Crossdresser(CD)- Someone who dresses in clothing that is useually associated with the opposite sex
Drag Queen- A guy who dresses as a girl for mostly entertainment purposes
Drag King- A woman who dresses as a guy for mostly entertainment purposes
Tranny Drag Queen/King- A Transsexual who also does drag performances
FtM/MtF- Female to Male/Male to Female- The direction someone goes when changing their sex
"Mother" or "Drag Mother"- A more experienced TG who takes a less experienced TG under their wing.
Transvestite(TV)- Use to be interchangable with crossdresser but is now useually thought of as a derogatory term
"passing"- The ability to pass as your desired gender without being detected
Read/Reading- Recognizing someone of being the opposite gender dispite of the gender they are trying to express
Read/Reading(term 2)- Making fun or picking around with someone by exaggerating a flaw, Useually humerous. Typically heard around drag or ball scenes
"T"- Testosterone
"T" (term 2)- Short for transgender or short for truth, useually used in sentances like "I called her T".
Mones- Short for hormones
Spiro- Short for Spironolactone a testosterone blocker(anti-adrogen)
Balls- people "walk"(compete) for trophies and prizes in these events.
Houses- Also "drag houses" or "drag families" are groups mostly made up of gay males and transgendered people. They can provide wisdom, guidance and care for young people who might otherwise be homeless.
Drab- Dressing in a manner that typically goes with your physical sex
"Realness"- Basically how passible you are as a man or woman
HRT- Hormone replacement therapy is used by transgender individuals to change some of the secondary sex characteristics. Effects of HRT tend to vary.
Gender Dysphoria- Is the clinical term thats means "gender confusion"
Shemale- Basically a term useually used for transsexuals in the sex industry and is to most considered a derogatory word.
Transsexual- Someone whos gender identity does not match their body. TS's tend to seek surgery and HRT.
Tuck- Basically it's when you stick your penis between your legs and there are different ways to make it stay
The shot- When someone says this it useually means hormones in liquid form
Stealth- Someone is stealth when they live their lives without their transgender past and don't talk about it to anyone except those who HAVE to know.
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