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CHAPTER 2: Shay- Q&A

"Who is the 25 year old Shay talking to?"
I can tell you that it's another TS.

"The older Shay does not look like she's doing well."
Well even though she's still young she's been through more than
what a person should go through at that age and she's picked up
a few bad habits. Other than that she's doing great at 25, she
just came back after spending a year with her sister in the
mountains and shes getting ready to go to the club, hence the
reason why she's dressed kinda provocative, can't tell you
anything else though.^.^

"What is with her necklasses?"
Well you'll notice that when she refers to her smoking habit
she says "Don't want ta end up like my mama." You can deffiantely
assume that her mom died of cancer and that golden medal she
wears is supposed to be of St. Peregrine who's basically the
patron saint of cancer paitents. Shay's mom wears this medal
through most of this chapter, Shay keeps it to remind her of her
mother. As for the cross it was a gift.

"Can you clear things up about her cousin?"
Basically he got into trouble and Shay's mom Lea gets her, at
the time,husband to bring him into the country course with Shay's
dad being someone of money Davin was able to get set up quite

"Why does Shay mention her family moving around alot?"
When Shay's mom and dad got divorced he made sure that Lea would
be tangled up in legal affairs,he also figured it would help him get custody
custody of Shay, constantly having to pay lawyers while still trying to
keep the lifestyle they were used to made Lea's finances dwiddle
rapidly so they keep losing places to live.

"How much of this happend in real life?"
Alot of it o.o

"Why the goth look?"
Maybe cause that's where me and my best friend came from, course
we used to look very out there but as we got older while going
through tranistion that became less and less but the goth thing
is always a part of us in some way and we have no regrets about
it. Other than that, the goth scene is not understood very well
A good and funny book to read about it is Voltaire's What is Goth?

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